Eigg Camping Pods

The Pods

Our camping pods offer basic, comfortable, heated and well lit accommodation for up to four people, with a raised sleeping platform and ample storage space. We don’t supply bedding or crockery so do remember to bring your own.

The raised sleeping platforms can be transformed into a single large platform that can accommodate a maximum of four people.

The camping pods have a limited electric supply supplying a double socket with two USB charging points; electric kettle and lights. There is a small electric heater that operates when our renewable energy supply has surplus electricity available. That’s usually when it’s wet and windy so they should work when you really need them.  Please don’t bring any power hungry electrical appliances as the supply to your camping pod will trip off.

Outside each camping pod is a place you can have a small campfire and if you’re feeling sociable there is a larger campfire spot for everyone to enjoy. All we ask is that you don’t cut or break trees down to fuel the fire. There is usually driftwood along the shoreline and if you ask first you can be directed to where you can gather fallen branches.
Toilets and showers are located at An Laimhrig, just a short distance from the camping pods.